What our clients are saying!

“I hired Marcus Jackson to work on my Uptown Restaurant and Lounge vision project in Atlanta, Ga. He possesses extensive knowledge about the hospitality business and effective leadership skills. I placed Marcus in charge of my operation because he is trustworthy, responsible and most capable. More importantly, he and I connected, especially since we are both men of vision and business minded. He knew I was looking for a loyal extra pair of eyes and ears to make my vision come to life and operate exceptionally. I am a tough business man with years of experience within the hospitality industry. I know what I want and it isn’t necessarily easy working with me. Marcus has the ability to create results while releasing a calming order in what tends to be a very hectic, fast paced and pressured business. He handled all aspects of my business for me in wisdom and skill. I enjoyed working with Marcus and have since worked on countless projects with him and CALIBER enterprises. Marcus is a savvy intelligent businessman. I have a handful of confidants and friends in my life. He made the cut.”

Peter Thomas, Restaurateur, Entrepreneur, Club Owner, TV Personality
Business Consulting/Hospitality Consulting/Branding & PR/Events Client

“It is with great respect and admiration that I recommend Marcus Jackson and his expertise at CALIBER enterprises. I had the immense pleasure to consult with him during my travels as a skincare & men’s grooming expert at Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale’s Atlanta. Working with his staff and models was a pleasure. I will always be impressed at the level of professionalism and integrity displayed. I look forward to any and all future collaborations.”

Martin Montoya, Skincare/Grooming Advisor – BELLATORRA SKINCARE /BARNEYS NEW YORK,
Business Consulting & Talent Agency Client


“Roll with people who understand your vision, and encourage you to serve your purpose. Thank you Marcus for your hard work, patience, loyalty, friendship and love. I know that you don’t think that I am always listening to you when we have our long talks about God, life, business, and the world we live in. But I hear you. I appreciate you believing in my mission, and being a shoulder to cry on when I need one. I am grateful to have you on my team. Love.”

Cynthia Bailey,
Celebrity/Business Consulting/Business Branding & PR/Events Client

“Hello Marcus,
On behalf of Jessica, Onterio and the entire Mack is the new Black event staff, I would like to say thank you for all of your tireless efforts in assisting us to make the engagement exactly what we intended it to be this weekend……Successful! We appreciate very much your extremely professional service. So again, we say thank you and we look forward to working with you in the near future.”

Travis Steele
Celebrity Booking Client

“I am presenting this character reference of Marcus Jackson feeling both honored and privileged. Honored because there are few people that I hold in as high regard as him and privileged because it may be a long time before I am asked to give another reference for someone as deserving.

I met Marcus five years ago. At the time I was producing an entertainment/lifestyle show for CBS46. It was during that training that I got to know him. I appreciate his attention to detail and his ability to juggle multiple clients without missing a beat.

Marcus has three readily, notable characteristics; One, he’s perhaps the most unbiased person I have ever met. He treats everybody with equal courtesy, respect and regard; from the person doing the most menial chore to the Chairperson of The Board. It doesn’t matter to him – everybody’s the same.

Two, he’s very organized and prepared. He is generous with his time and talent.

Three, he’s a highly self-motivated individual. It’s clear to everyone around him…Marcus has a clear sense of purpose and intent.

He’s a hard worker and an inspiration.
Summarily, Marcus’ combination of skills and abilities along with his team at CALIBER enterprises would be an asset to any business or community.”

Belinda James
TV News Producer
Branding Public Relations Client 

“I met Marcus Jackson when he was hired as the Restaurant, Hospitality Consultant for Artistry in Atlanta, GA. His services came at a pivotal time when the restaurant needed rebranding. Marcus personally helped to restructure the direction of the business. He did an incredible job identifying the necessary problems and offered effective solutions to increase productivity. His professionalism and problem solving abilities were a breath of fresh air during a challenging time. I would strongly recommend Marcus Jackson in assisting your business to flourish!!”

Ruth E. Guerrier
Business Consulting Client 

“I have known Marcus Jackson for going on 10 years now. I have worked with him on hospitality projects and other outside projects, tying in social events. He possesses a unique combination of being very knowledgeable about the project he is working on with tying in his understanding of social media, his vast and long reaching relationships and the ability to sense what the final outcome needs to be while calmly communicating with his client in a way that puts them at ease. He has always commanded his staff for each event in a way where they understood what their roles were and the most effectively way to conduct themselves to please the clients. He does it all with a sense of style, elegance and calm, even if he is consumed by concern about the difficult issues that tend to pop up on any project.

Marcus has been in the hospitality industry for many years and has acquired a vast knowledge of every aspect of being involved in a successful restaurant from start to finish. He is very familiar with the process of obtaining the necessary licenses, has relationships with food service companies, liquor distributors, fixture companies and many more of the industries necessary in the hospitality industry. Through his experience in running restaurants, he understands the back of the house aspect of cash flow while controlling costs, both labor and food. He taps into his extended background to help style the front of the house, inviting guests to have a great experience in a stylish place where the staff is knowledgeable, informed and caters to each individual guest as they sit down for a great meal. I have seen all of this first hand while we were creating wine and cocktail menus. He then takes all of his restaurant experience and combines it with his other passion, Public Relations and Marketing, using his self-made company and social relationships to help create a buzz and interest as the countdown to the opening gets closer. Marcus Jackson is a true one stop shop for restaurants because of the knowledge he has obtained in many years in the hospitality industry and he combines that with his marketing company, CALIBER enterprises, with its far reaching social media presence and relationships within Atlanta and beyond. Marcus has literally been there and done that, and he brings that vast experience to the table for you with unmatched style and grace.”

Jim Brooks
The Naugh’tee Bee Boutique
Fleur’tee Bee Boutique
Formerly with Georgia Crown
Business Consulting Client 

“To whom it may concern,
In the years of 2000 and 2001 I had the high honor of working for Mr. Marcus Jackson in the Food and Beverage realm of the Hospitality Industry. He was my direct supervisor. During that time I learned a plethora of valuable training. Mr. Jackson required pristine customer service skills, menu knowledge, suggestive selling techniques, and proper fine dining etiquette. Myself, being one of his Dining Room Assistant Managers, endured intense training in all of these areas. Mr. Jackson professionally demanded perfection and precise consistency. All of these traits I have carried with me throughout my career in the Food and Beverage Industry, which I must say, have all been the most invaluable lessons I have learned to date. I owe my triumphs in the business to Mr. Marcus Jackson. His style, charisma, and “lead by example” mentality are second to none. If you are considering Mr. Jackson’s company (CALIBER enterprises) for hospitality or retail consulting, you’ll not find a better, more suited group. Everything he touches turns to gold. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.”

Carmen Perkins
Business Consulting Client

“To whom it may concern,
For the past 13 years I have known Marcus Jackson, first as a business associate, leading into both a professional and personal relationship. From strong business acumen to entrepreneurship, Marcus has been the pinnacle of his community and a great leader for his company, CALIBER enterprises. Marcus Jackson and I met to do business together in 2004 at the Summit Club, a private city club, where Marcus was the Food and Beverage Director. He immediately impressed me for being a keen business man, with professionalism and creativity at the core. Being in the wine business, we were able to create together a new experience with wine and food which engaged his members on a new exciting level.

Our beverage program grew together to very successful, and Marcus was meticulous to train his entire staff to be knowledgeable about the food and the wine program from chef to wait staff, to membership leaders. Following this venture, which was superseded by running multiple private clubs and resorts, Marcus embarked upon his true vision, to be an entrepreneur, and business owner utilizing his many talents. Marcus comes from a background of many facets: personal trainer, model, event coordinator, F&B manager, and now business owner. His company, Caliber Enterprises, embodies all of these attributes. Working with Marcus is a true pleasure, he can bring insight gained from all these industries to be a true, well rounded consultant.”

Jennifer Hornor
Folio Fine Wine Partners
Southeast Area Manager and Partner
Business Consulting Client 

“I used to own a restaurant in Midtown, Atlanta. I worked with Marcus & CALIBER enterprises to create and execute a special event. He is very professional, detail oriented and organized. You can be confident that Marcus and his team will work hard to make your event a success.”

Adam Gajadharsingh
Entrepreneur & Attorney
Events Client 

“It was wonderful having Garrick again, we will want to book him for the August show, and I will let you know when I have the date.”

Ryan Anderson
Talent Client 

“Just wanted to thank you again for sending Corey our way.  He is an excellent model.”

S. McDonald
Talent Client

“Colby did a great job for us.  He showed up early to meet me and had a lot of questions of what we expected of him.  He looked great in the outfits we put him in.  He was very comfortable in what we asked him to do and he was very engaging with all of our potential customers who came by to see what we were doing.  We would definitely request him again for our next retail promotional event.”

Jim Brooks
Naugh’tee Bee/Fleur’tee Bee
Talent Client

“Thanks so much, Marcus & CALIBER Talent Agency! In production — as we all know — things change at the drop of a hat. It is important to be able to adapt and be flexible, and Gustavo did this like a true professional. He had a positive attitude, on top of giving a great performance. He was a pleasure to work with on set, and we greatly appreciate his acting talent!”

Lauren Byers
Talent Client

“Hi Marcus & Team CALIBER Enterprises. The talent you referred to us for USA Network TV, “Satisfaction” was great. We were very happy. In addition, Ryan Wilhoit did a perfect job playing his role.”

Heather Bivens
Casting Director
Talent Client

“Thank you Marcus & Team CALIBER Enterprises!!! I am beyond honored to have you as my manager and friend. It has been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to many more years of success. May God continue to bless you!!”

Akeria Skye
Model / Actor
Talent Client

“Hello. My name is Fred Schneider, and I’d like to say that Marcus Jackson and his team at CALIBER enterprises have been totally professional, consistent and reliable in working with them. I have known Marcus for several years and have been a client for almost as long. I am totally pleased with his work doing brand messaging, event development and media handling, amongst other things, for any type of business need. I enjoy working with him for my various projects and will continue to do so in the future.”

Fred Schneider
Musician, Artist, Songwriter, Front Man for Iconic Party Band: B-52s, Member of the fabulous Superions
Celebrity Client

“The models that CALIBER provided were professional, great-looking, and very capable of taking direction during the shoot. The images that were obtained from their work and collaboration were outstanding. I look forward to working with CALIBER Talent Agency again soon.”

Jonathan Bugg
Editorial Director, David Atlanta Magazine
Talent Client

“Hi Marcus & Team CALIBER enterprises! I just wanted to say thank you for working with us on our Veteran Affairs project. Blake was a pleasure to work with and he did an amazing job.”

Terri Nash
Casting Director
Talent Client

“Marcus Jackson and the team at CALIBER enterprises are always great to work with. Marcus understands the partnership that needs to be developed from the very start of the marketing and advertising process. He understands his client’s needs and translates that to quality and high-impact advertising. Because his execution and follow-though are always on point, the client is well represented and receives great service.”

William Duffee-Braun
Director, David Atlanta
Branding, PR Client

“Thank you Marcus Jackson and Team CALIBER. I am extremely grateful to have met you personally and business wise. It’s hard to find people like you in this industry.”

Ricardo Martinez
CALIBER enterprises Model Talent Agency, Model & Actor
Talent Client

“Partnering with Marcus Jackson and CALIBER enterprises has been such a pleasure. Marcus’ ability to anticipate his client’s needs and questions, facilitate negotiations, and work quickly and accurately within a tight deadline to help deliver the final product exceeded my expectations. Marcus does an exceptional job of utilizing social media, event, digital and print opportunities to leverage his client’s connections and exposure, and continually helps to brainstorm ideas for future marketing opportunities. I am looking forward to a continued, successful relationship for many years to come!”

Katie Suhr
Senior Account Executive, Modern Luxury
Branding, PR Client

“You do a great job!”

Sasha The Diva
Radio Personality, Kiss 104.1 FM Atlanta’s Best R&B
Branding, PR Client

“Modern Luxury proudly recommends CALIBER enterprises and Marcus Jackson as one of it’s most valued partners. We’ve had the pleasure of working with their dynamic team in an event, public relations and advertising capacity. Marcus Jackson is the master at securing maximum exposure, capitalizing on coverage and extending buzz for his clients. CALIBER enterprises has the relationships and knowledge to take your business to the next level!”

D’anne Cagle-Heckert
Group Publisher, Modern Luxury
Branding, PR Client

“Marcus, thank you for being the best publicist ever! You rock! :-)

Dr. Jameelah Gater
Family Doctor, RYSE Wellness & Spa Owner, TV Personality
Branding, PR Client

“I have worked with Marcus Jackson of CALIBER enterprises for years and he is one of the most professional, congenial, creative PR and marketing forces in the Southeast. I am always amazed at the ideas and connections he brings to the table on any given project. We’ve worked together on profile pieces, fashion spreads and business development endeavors and always with the same result—success!”

Stephanie Davis Smith
Editor in Chief, The Atlantan
Branding, PR Client

“I personally just wanted to THANK YOU again, Marcus and CALIBER enterprises, for coming and talking to the students of Upward Bound. I know that you all have busy schedules however, you took the time and spoke with my students and for that I am very grateful. They were really excited to hear you guys speak on your different areas of expertise. Many of the students are still talking about what a success the event was. I hope that you all enjoyed yourself as well. Again, Thank You!!!!”

Marissa Joy Clay, M.Ed.
Educational Program Specialist, Georgia State University
Speaking Engagement Client

“To whom it may concern:

It is my pleasure to recommend the public relations services of CALIBER enterprises to you. Our team has worked directly with Marcus Jackson, of CALIBER enterprises, on numerous projects. The company offers top-notch quality, service and professionalism. Across the board, we are pleased with their work.

Please consider CALIBER enterprises for all your corporate public relations needs. I recommend them and look forward to working with them again.”


Paul Clinkscales
C.O.O. GenoVive LLC
Branding, PR Client

“Amazing Company! Marcus is awesome, great spirit.”

Philippa Knowles
Talent Client

“I wanted to let you know that Akeria was fantastic. She was so nice and she listened to exactly what I wanted her to do and executed it perfectly. She look phenomenal and I WILL definitely use her again for the next event that I need a model.”

Joseph Gatlin
Event Sales Manager w/ Glorious Events
Events & Talent Client

“4hrs later I’m a mermaid! Again huge thanks to my wonderful team at CALIBER enterprises, Marcus Jackson, for the amazing opportunities. We have plenty more to come. Stay tuned!!”

Akeria Skye
CALIBER Enterprises Model/Talent
Talent Client

“I booked Gustavo for The Bridal Extravaganza Show after having problems with another agency. From my initial email inquiry with Marcus, reviewing comp cards, Gustavo showing up for the show (and he stayed and hung his clothes back perfectly), to the follow up from Marcus, the experience was nothing but the best. I have already recommend CALIBER and Gustavo to other client’s with in the week following the show. Hats off to Marcus and the crew at CALIBER, someone finally got it right!!”

Steve Moore
Director of Sales & Mktg. for Glorious Events
Events & Talent Client

“Fantastic agency. Marcus is a great guy to work with…”

Sadio Doumbia
Productions Client

“For a top notch event with superb professionalism consider CALIBER enterprises!”

Audrey Irvine
Events & Branding, PR Client

“A special comment for my Agent, Marcus Jackson with CALIBER enterprises, this morning: Yesterday, an industry professional who has been in quite a few films and television shows gave me the nicest and most reassuring compliment about him. They told me he was one of the most professional and well put together Agents in the business, and that the work he does is vastly superior to other agents in the Atlanta market. They specifically said that it was so clear that Marcus cared about his talent and that he always went the extra mile to make sure they had the best. Thank you, Marcus, for all your hard work and I am looking forward to a long and successful relationship!!”

Bru Krebs
Talent Client

“We want to share our experience with Marcus Jackson of CALIBER enterprises. We met Marcus over 3 years while he was managing the Midtown Tour of Homes. We shared with Marcus our dream of opening up an art gallery/studios in midtown Atlanta. In anticipation of the art gallery Marcus offered us his services for Public Relations. Marcus said he could help us with the opening and to make a name for our gallery. For 3 years we looked and made 3 offers on different location. And for 3 years Marcus was patient with us in adapting his proposal until we finally closed on our current location and set an opening date.
Neither my husband nor I are from Atlanta. My husband has lived here for 35 years and as for myself only 10 years. The gallery and the art scene was a new venue for us. Marcus helped us with the invite list and the press releases for our opening event. If, you are seeking to make your event a “Happening” Marcus and CALIBER enterprises are the right people for you. We had over 200 people on our opening day! Some of the invites included very important people in both the government and private sector. We were also featured in the Atlantan Magazine, CBS Better Morning Atlanta. Marcus not only got us the people; he helped us get started with getting our name to the public, press and creating the buzz. We recommend CALIBER enterprises for any of your PR needs and Event Services.

Kindest Regards”

Adriana D’La Rotta
Studio 905 on Juniper Gallery Owner
Branding, PR Client

“Marcus, just wanted to say thank you and the Agency very much for selecting me to represent CALIBER. I had an enjoyable time and look forward to the next booking.”

Ryan Wilhoit
CALIBER enterprises Model-Actor
Talent Client

“I greatly appreciate your help and enjoy working with you and the models at the Agency.”

Marc Levine
Talent Client

“Hi Amy,

I like Alasia a lot. She has a very strong walk and lots of fun attitude. I think she gets it and we will likely book her again.

Tim Hobby
Talent Client

“Yaaassss! Aris, you rocked that suit girl! I loved working with you! You definitely have what it takes! Wishing you all the best!”

Kendra Duplantier
Talent Client

“Tayler has a very professional attitude. . . thanks for recommending her.”

Clothing Designer
Talent Client


You have been with me from Day 1 Brother. I love you & appreciate you!”

Cynthia Bailey
Supermodel, Entrepreneur, TV Personality
Celebrity Client


I just wanted to say thank you again for the opportunity to work with you and opening the door for me to be involved in modeling. I had a lot of fun yesterday and realized that this is something that I am very serious about pursuing. Your staff, all the makeup girls, the hair dresser, dresser and photographer were a pleasure to work with as were you and the other models. I am very happy to be a part of CALIBER.”

Brandon Wiemann
CALIBER enterprises Model/Talent
Talent Client


During this season of Thanksgiving, I wanted to express my gratitude to those that have made an impact on me this year. Thank you for your mentorship and kind words of wisdom. Your drive and loyalty to those around you are aspects I especially admire. Thank you for your investment in me and the encouragement to go after my dreams. Sending you best wishes and many thanks!”

Olivia Barrett

“Sosh Staffing had the pleasure of working with some of the great models from Caliber Enterprises Models & Talent at a recent event for Fendi and we were impressed. We look forward to working with them in the future and recommend them to anyone looking for professional, personable promotional models for any event or occasion.”

Ethan Parish
Talent Client 


There are no words to express how your love & support has been such a blessing!!  You have been wonderful to work with, and I am lucky to have you.  This is the beginning of many wonderful adventures to come!  I appreciate your hard work, commitment & dedication.  We have done so much together and I’m excited to have you on my team.  I love you!!  There is not enough room on paper to fully express my gratitude to you.  I could go on & on!”

Cynthia Bailey
Supermodel, Entrepreneur, TV Personality
Celebrity Client

“The staff of Cloud Orchid Magazine had the pleasure of working with Sidney of CALIBER Enterprises Models & Talent on an in-house editorial project during the Fall of 2012. Our goal was to have a mix of female and male models for this project featuring designer clothing. We chose Sidney because of his strong features and his overall presence. He has a strong look in front of the camera, which was exactly what we were looking for. Sidney was prompt to the meeting location and was agreeable. The shoot itself involved several different locations and was an all day affair. Despite this, Sidney was enthusiastic and cooperated through the duration of the shoot. We got the photos we needed for the editorial, and had fun while creating them. We would use Sidney again for future projects and we are glad we had the opportunity to work with him.”

Little Alice of Cloud Orchid Magazine, Chicago IL
Talent & Branding, PR Client

“I enjoyed my time at CALIBER Enterprises and felt that I learned a lot about branding and social media presence!”

Brett Blalock

Team Member/CALIBER enterprises Model/Talent


“Hello Marcus,

Nicole informed me that the event went excellent and that you and your team did a wonderful job! Thank you for making it happen for MCD! Thanks again and we look forward to working with you in the near future.”

Damani Goodson on behalf of NFL Pro-Player, Vernon Davis
Events Client 


You are the consummate professional and a man of his word in many ways. The fashion show rocked!

All the very best to you on your future endeavors.”

Sedric Bogan
Events Client

“David and I were very pleased with Akeria.  She showed up early, her hair was exactly as we requested, and her walk is extremely good.

Thanks very much!”

Tim Hobby
Talent Client


In this busy world of ours, it’s gratifying when people take time to help others. It’s for this reason that I am writing to thank you. Thank you for the opportunity to intern with CALIBER Enterprises this past quarter. It has been an interesting, fun and knowledgeable experience. I appreciate all of the information you provided me and the assignments you allowed me to partake in. Thank you again for the opportunity.”

Safiya Queen

Team Member

“Good Evening Mr. Jackson,

Thank you. It was a great experience!

I had a lot of fun working with you and your team. And it was a pleasure working with you.”

Kaylon Nichole

Team Member

“Hey Marcus,
No, thank you! You put together another successful event!! It was so much fun and so well played, I really enjoyed myself, so thank you!”

Aris Hill
Talent Client

“Caliber Enterprises Models and Marcus Jackson provided male models for two of Atlanta Cotillions fundraising events, our T-Dance ‘Mayday! Mayday! I Need A Cocktail’ and our annual black-tie ball in September. The models they provided were excellent! They followed instruction, were dressed as we asked, AND were professional! They were also very attractive! For our T-Dance, the three models donned 1940s flight helmets, passed out cocktail recipe cards, and generally added that nostalgic atmosphere for our 40s themed party. For our black-tie ball, they served our signature cocktails during the cocktail hour and then served as personal assistants to our guests tables, obtaining drinks during our presentation. Our guests are still talking about how wonderful they were!

I would recommend Caliber Enterprises Models to anyone looking for good-looking men who are needed to lend atmosphere or to be a part of their event! Marcus Jackson is a dream to work with and is responsive to any changes to the event! Please consider Caliber for your future event!!”

Darrell Burke
Events & Talent Client

“It was a pleasure working with Caliber Enterprises model Tucker Allen during JEZEBEL’s Most Beautiful Atlantans feature. From the moment he arrived for his photo shoot he was friendly, hard-working and eager to please. He was up for anything and because of that, he produced some phenomenal photos. The entire crew loved him: he’s sweet, funny and completely endearing. I highly recommend Tucker and know he’ll continue to soar in his career.”

Kelly Skinner
Assistant Editor
The Atlantan, JEZEBEL, Men’s Book Atlanta
Branding, PR Client

“Thank you so much Marcus for your assistance with the Happily Ever After event. The models worked out fabulously and were all a delight to work with. Thank you again so very much!!!”

Janice Blackmon
Events & Talent Client

“I booked 4 male models for the Bridal Extravaganza of Atlanta. They were some of the most professional models I have every worked with. They were great, got along with the others, and took direction really well. I highly recommend using Caliber Enterprises. Marcus Jackson even showed up to make sure everything went smooth. Like his tag line says “A Standard Above” is truly what you get with Caliber Enterprises.”

Steve Moore
Events & Talent Client

“Salutations Friends of The Art Institute of Atlanta-Decatur and the FRM Department,

Let me express my sincere appreciation to all, that helped make the 1st annual ” Fashion Experience” an overwhelming success. The Fashion Experience was designed as a special series of events celebrating style and design. The series focus included lectures, panel discussions and workshops geared toward student involvement. The event also fostered relationships between The Art Institute of Atlanta-Decatur students and creative professionals. The overall objective of the Fashion Experience was to prepare talented students for creative careers. The response from faculty, students, industry professionals and external guest was favorable.

I am aware that I could not accomplish such a task without other qualified persons to assist (To All I bid my Sincere Appreciation). I want to send a heart-felt thank you to the selected panelist that took time out of their schedules to give back. Ms. Erica Benoit, Mr. Marcus Jackson, Ms. Janelle Langford, Ms. Zavia Ross, Ms. Viola Ross, Mr. Rico Pena and fellow Faculty Professor Carmen Green , Job Well Done! To the most important guest, the AIAD student body, thank you for your attention, support and eagerness to grow mentality. It is my desire that you gained something and did not lose anything. Keep your eyes open and your ears attentive for the next phase of “The Fashion Experience”.”

Professor Courtney Hammonds – Atlanta, GA
Talent Client


As President of the IIDA Georgia Chapter and on behalf of the entire membership, I am writing this letter to extend our sincere appreciation for your dedication, leadership and participation in the IIDA Georgia Chapter 2011 Dressed in the Garden of Eden event held on Thursday, May, 12th, 2011 at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

Your leadership and guidance with regard to the event branding, graphics, media promotion, attention to detail and overall execution was commendable and the results earned much deserved acclaim from the entire interior design community. In addition to our appreciation for Caliber Enterprises successful contributions and participation in last year’s first annual smaller-scaled version, this year’s event was escalated to an entirely new level under your leadership and for this we owe you a debt of gratitude. This year’s event has set an entirely new standard in quality of presentation and execution that we are hopeful will assure interest and participation as well as secure even greater sponsorships for next year and ongoing future editions of this relatively new annual signature chapter event.

For these contributions, we extend our sincere gratitude and thanks to you.”

John W. Gaul
IIDA Georgia Chapter
Events, Branding, PR & Talent Client

“Hello Marcus and CALIBER Enterprises Models & Talent Agency,

Thank you for the professional models selected for our fashion show!


Paul, model for Caliber Enterprises/Models & Talent Management, was an absolute delight to work with for the DREWLEWIS Summer Fashion Preview Party! His attentive and professional demeanor from the moment I inquired about his availability and willingness to put on the latest summer trends set a higher standard for the other models. His constant communication to ensure he did everything asked of him and to display his level of regard and importance for the event set him apart. I recommend Paul and his sexy, sultry looks to anyone wanting to book a confident and experienced model. Thank you, Paul, for your dedication to a very successful show.


Akeria owned the runway for the DREWLEWIS Summer Fashion Preview Party! Watching as she flawlessly executed her catwalk in her black-strap stilettos, she clearly has substantial experience as she knew exactly what to do with no instruction whatsoever. Her confidence, poise, and passion for modeling were evident from the moment she introduced herself at the fitting, just hours before the show. And her fun, bubbly personality was just icing on the cake! Akeria has amazing talent and would deliver, without question, top-quality performance time and time again. Thank you, Akeria, for your help in making it a memorable evening for everyone involved.”

Ric Sosa for Atlanta Cotillion & Drew Lewis
Events & Talent Client

“Hi Marcus & Karen,

I wanted to take a few moments to thank you both again for assisting us in planning the Top 100/Club Blue event last night. Marcus, Mark & I enjoyed the format of today’s meeting. It is a pleasure working with both of you & I look forward to collaborating on the SmartWater event! Thanks again.”

Brandy Mandrik
Associate Director
Events & Branding, PR Client

“Dear Marcus:

The dedicated Staff and Board of Directors from Bald Ridge Lodge are working hard to provide Forsyth County and surrounding areas, much needed emergency housing and family services for boys who are deprived and/or in need of coordinated supervised care, counseling, family and mental health services. While at the Lodge, the boy and his parents can receive counseling, parental training, and access to other resources, in order to provide the tools necessary to break the barriers needed for a permanently stable home.

The Board of Directors, Staff, and the Boys of Bald Ridge Lodge, thank you and CALIBER Enterprises for your generosity and support of our second annual golf tournament May 2011!

Thank you again!”

The Golf Committee

Bald Ridge Lodge
562 Lakeland Plaza #302
Cumming, Georgia 30040
Office: 770-887-1220

The Golf Committee
Events & Branding, PR Client

“Mr. Marcus Jackson,

Thank you so much for your participation in the Joining Hearts 4th annual Love On The Rocks party on February 13, 2011. The Cupid models you sent were fun, professional, and our attendees really enjoyed their attendance. Love On The Rocks 2011 was the most successful ever and a great way to kick off our fund-raising year. Your company and your talent were fantastic to work with and Joining Hearts looks forward to working with CALIBER Enterprises again in the near future.”

Todd Overhultz
Director of Communications, Joining Hearts
Events & Talent Client


I wanted to take a minute and say THANK YOU for everything on Sunday night. The event was a tremendous success and due in part to your participation. I wanted to let you know that we rose over $15,000 that night, which is a new record for this event. Thank you so much!”

Kevin Kelly
Joining Hearts Inc.
Director of Development
Events & Talent Client

“I’d like to wholly endorse the services of Caliber Entertainment and Marcus Jackson.

I’ve been personally acquainted with Mr. Jackson for four years, and have found him to be an amazingly creative and generous person.

It was a year ago that I first worked with him, professionally, and must confess, was totally blown away!

I had no idea just how talented and professional my dear friend actually was.

He had organized a fashion show using dresses created by interior designers, and had asked me to be part of the panel of judges.

The event was flawlessly executed. The designs were amazing, the models beautifully presented, and the panel of judges was top notch, including several national talents.

I have since had several occasions to work with him and his team at Caliber. They have more than exceeded my expectations each and every time.

I highly recommend Marcus Jackson and the services of Caliber Entertainment.”

Corinna Allen
International Television Spokesperson
Corinna Productions, LLC
Branding, PR & Speaking Engagement Client

“Mr. Marcus Jackson,

I want to thank you for the opportunity to work with your agency. Your models were defiantly a Caliber above. They were gorgeous, professional, and easy to work with. I would highly recommend Caliber Enterprises to anyone looking for the best models in Atlanta.

I would also like to thank the models for their hard work and talent they brought to the Beauty in the Dark Fashion Show. They made the clothes and the atmosphere of the fashion show come to life. Thank you very much Garrick Wilson, Christian Velella, Chris Grover, Britt Grover, Jason James, Megan Jackson, Kara Janow, Antonija Curic, Sarah Logan, and Janet Szukis. It was a pleasure to work with you all and I wish you luck in your future endeavors.

Thank you again for your teamwork and collaboration. I look forward to working with your agency and models in the future.”

Amie Wasson
Beauty in the Dark Fashion Director
Events & Talent Client

“I have been working with Marcus Jackson and caliber models for many years now, he and his talented group of both men and women have always been extremely professional, on time and always give my lens just what it needs, Marcus knows exactly who to send and Not to send for the various projects I work on, I look forward to working with Marcus and Caliber on my next book that I put out, and a Big Kudos to him for getting me my Cover model Rodiney,,, much continued success Marcus!”

Richie Arpino Photographer

Talent Client

“Thanks to Marcus Jackson for your extra effort in my quest for a model. I travel extensively and have to arrange my next project on the road; as usual I had a last minute request or in this case doubled up on projects.
My challenge was to get a couple in a dramatic tango pose for a cover or at least the contents page for a photo book on Argentine tango. After making my initial call to CALIBER Enterprises (Marcus Jackson) I knew I was working with a professional agency. Quick response, via voice, text and e-mail . . . makes communication easy for my tight schedule. Rather than having one choice I had several options the day of the shoot. All professional with the look that I requested. Excellent work all around. I have a list of requests that I am compiling for CALIBER for the next time I am in Atlanta.”

Stephen Marino Photography
Talent & Branding, PR Client

“Good Morning Marcus,

Thank you so much for your recommendation of Tucker for our event. He was personable, friendly, and a perfect match for the look I was seeking. I received many complements from my guests as to how well he interacted with attendees. Tucker was an absolute pleasure to work with and I would certainly love to use him again in the future. Thanks again for your assistance in making our event a success.”

Mike Magursky
Talent Client


On behalf of the LC, I wanted to thank you for your efforts to help us produce a great event at Blue Med Spa last night. The event went off without any hitch (that I’m aware of anyway) and I attribute a large portion of that to your organization and persistent effort.”

Chip Newton of Deloitte
Events Client

“Marcus, thank you for all your help with my birthday party. It was a great event and was due all to your planning. You’re a great friend! Thanks again.”

Events Client

“Marcus, thank you for supporting Luminocity! You’ve truly helped light the way. Your models at the launch were gorgeous and incredibly helpful! We value our partnership and are honored to invite you to be our guest at an upcoming show and your models, too!”

Team Luminocity
Talent Client

“Dear Marcus,

It has been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to possible international ventures in the future. Sarah, Tyler, Tucker and Christian were all a pleasure to work with. Sarah and Tyler are exceptional in their versatility, professionalism and ability to accentuate whatever they are modeling (in this case my jewelry designs) capturing the moment in a snap of a picture will ensure their future success in their career as models. I am very pleased with my video short featuring Caliber Enterprises Models in Phoenix Design Jewelry. Your vision and styling of High Fashion in the Country was difficult to imagine at first but seeing the results of the team you assembled exceeded expectations.”

Kim of Phoenix Design Artisan Jewelry
Production & Talent Client


Thank you for everything that you and your team did to make the “Club Blue” Launch Party such a success. Your time and impeccable attention to detail created the perfect ambience and environment to launch “Club Blue” to our clients.

I can’t thank you enough for all that you did. I look forward to working with you on future collaborations. Thank you.”

“Yes thank you. We look forward to doing more with you in the future. Great job. John”

David & John w/Blue Med Spa
Events & Branding, PR Client

“Dear Marcus, Thank you and CALIBER Models for your support with our style event. The models looked amazing. Regards”

Kellie McDonald with Banana Republic
Talent Client


Great job with the event (Midtown 2010 Tour of Homes), thanks.”

Jason Winburn with Daniel Corporation
Events Client


Just a note to let you know I really did have a good time last night. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of the fashion show. You really put on a great event.

Have a wonderful weekend!”

Austin Hill of Austin Hill Gallery
Events & Speaking Engagement Client

“Hey MJ! I had so much fun yesterday. Loved it!

Winston Warrior on Client Photo Shoot
Production & Talent Client

“My dear Marcus,

While we have a proper thank you note in progress to you via USPS, meanwhile I wanted to immediately get in touch to thank you profusely. It was a sincere pleasure working with you, as always…my dear friend. It was never evident for a single moment that we were anything but your most important clients.

Your models were simply as adorable and as they were charming. I had many guests as well as our own staff remark what a nice group of models you sent and what a great job they did. In addition to just Luminocity work, I feel very sure you will get other business from advertising in front of this A list audience.

Please know how sincerely thankful I am for all you have done to support Luminocity. Caliber and your wonderful hard working talent will be a most welcome fixture during our 12 show night’s parties to be sure!

Big kisses and hugs my friend!”

Kelly J Nelson
Chief Creation Officer
Talent Client


Dear Friends & Supporters,
Well – – We Did It!!! The 1st Annual Fashion & Philanthropy weekend was a huge success. THANK YOU to everyone who came out to support – – all our sponsors, supporters, celebrity guests, hosts, models, brands, boutiques, volunteers, and dedicated team.”

James Brashears III of Corporate Code Inc. – Atlanta, GA
Talent Client

“I thought the pictures where amazing! There where a few that I thought hit the mark for me! Again, Thank you.”

William Bercik, Model
Talent Client

“Hi Marcus,

Thank you so much for providing your models to work December Diamonds Company’s Client-Holiday Showroom event in January. Your models were not only the ultimate in physical perfection; they were also the epitome of professionalism. Everything I asked your models, Caleb Hiers and Icaro Silva to do, to please the clients, customers, guests, and most importantly, the owners, Scott and Troy, was genuinely delivered and enthusiastically appreciated.

The comments, and compliments from all, young, old, male, female and otherwise, were all accolades of the highest praise! Caleb and Icaro’s hard work and dedication to serve our guests, and their genuine smiles and willingness to take photographs with our guests, whenever asked, sealed the notion that their beauty extends far beyond their physical appeal. Needless to say, they definitely satisfied the appetite of the eyes!

Thank you so much for the service Caliber Models provide. FYI. Scott and Troy’s product sells were great!

And, thank you Marcus, for allowing me to exhale with sheer delight.”

Darryl Mosely | Coca Cola – Atlanta, GA
Talent Client

“Marcus and his company provided beautiful and very professional models for our event. We will definitely be using Caliber Enterprises again!”

Anne Morgan | W Buckhead Hotel – Atlanta, GA
Talent Client

“Since things have slowed enough for me to get my thoughts together, I wanted to tell you how much your group stood out at the audition Friday. The reason they stood out is because of the direction and development that you have put toward each one of them. Your hard work is consistently reaping what it has sown. Tucker and I are so proud to be part of Caliber Enterprises, but most of all we are proud to be friends with the person we are in business with. I truly feel that you look out for Tucker’s best interest. With love and Gratitude.”

Valerie Allen – Atlanta, Georgia
Talent Client

“It was a pleasure working with Caliber Enterprises model Lelu recently at Captain Planet XMAS 2009. She has a sweet nature and was a consummate professional from pre-show to performance. She has an eager to please attitude and follows direction extremely well. I would not hesitate to recommend Lelu.”

Kelly Nelson – Atlanta, GA
Talent Client

“From my initial assignment and also initial model photo session, CALIBER agent Marcus Jackson has been very professional, organized and clear on his full direction on what he wants for any given project. As perhaps being his only photographer and as well as client under 20, I find it an honor to have been considered for projects in my first year as a photographer in modeling. It’s hard to find any agency that works one on one with it’s clients and also is a great person to talk with behind the scenes as well and who’s willing to be of assistance to their models and talents. CALIBER’s collection of models that I’ve worked with has been astounding and a joy to work with. It’s not often where you come across such prompt and mature models, such as Caleb Hiers and Adam Fossett. Thanks for a wonderful ending to 2009 and can’t wait to be apart of future projects for 2010.”

Kenneth Hines Jr.
Talent Client

“Hey Marcus! Thanks to you and Bob for the fantastic photoshoot! I really enjoyed working with both of you. Also, Marcus, thank you for seeing my potential and taking time to work with me. Looking forward to all the work we will do together in 2010!! Have a great New Year!” TS

Travis S.
Production & Talent Client

“As the chair of the 2009 Jerusalem House Halloween fundraiser, Carnevale, I had the pleasure of working with Caliber Models for a dramatic moment of magic that added the perfect dazzle and glamor to our event. The management team at Caliber was professional and engaged throughout the planning and execution process. And the models were not only very attractive, they were also prompt, animated and very fun to work with!”

Jeffrey Gill
Talent Client

“Marcus, we really enjoy working with Caleb. We will continue to hire him as we have need.”

Michael with F/X Networks
Talent Client

“Mr. Marcus Jackson,

Thank you so much for your participation in the Joining Hearts Wish List Party on December 13, 2009. The Sexy Santa models you sent were fun and the crowd very much enjoyed their attendance. Our organization was able to collect a great number of toys and gifts for children who were in need this past Holiday Season. Your company and your talent were fantastic to work with and Joining Hearts looks forward to working with CALIBER Enterprises again in the near future.”
Director of Communications, Joining Hearts
Talent Client

“Dear Marcus: Hope this finds you well and you enjoyed your holidays! They came and went in a whirl wind, didn’t they?

I wanted to drop you a personal note and thank you for being a part of the Captain Planet Foundations’ 15th Annual X-mas Party. Clearly, the event was a real “hit,” raising lots of dollars for the foundation. Please know we couldn’t have done it without you and I will never forget your contribution in such difficult financial times. Additionally, you and your models really added to the experience–a wow factor the CPF folks and the guests won’t forget for a very long time. Talk about impressions!

Pleas know that if I can ever be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact me–would love to help if I can. Have a great 2010!”

Sacha Taylor
Events & Talent Client

“In the hustle and bustle of the season, I just wanted to take a moment to wish you a wonderful and joyous Christmas. We have known you for about one year now, and began our journey together in business in Feb. of 2009. Yet it seems as if we’ve known you for years. Thank you for all you have done for us this past year, and most of all thank you for your friendship and your faith in Tucker. We wish you the happiest of holidays, and many blessings for the New Year!!”

Valerie Allen
Talent Client

“Morning Marcus!

I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me write yet another chapter to my Phoenix story! Also: thank you for the guidance, thank you for your words of encouragement, thank you for letting us use your home, and thank you for Lou.

I am glad we met on that fateful day earlier this year. I had such a good time during yesterdays shoot and feel so enthused.”

Branding, PR & Talent Client

“Hello Marcus, Shoot went well. Caleb was great!”

MT of FX Networks
Talent Client

“The models you had at the AEN event were stunning. Well done.”

Michael Baker of Positive Impact – Atlanta, Georgia
Talent Client

“We appreciate everything you do Marcus. We feel blessed to be working with you. I have always prayed that the Lord would open the doors for Tucker that he wanted opened and close the ones that He felt needed to stay closed. I feel that you have Tucker’s best interest at heart, and I also feel that you have confidence in Tucker. He feels that too and it gives him more confidence–Again, thank you for all you do!”

Valerie Allen
Talent Client

“Dear Mr. Jackson, I wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your help with the Atlanta Community Food Bank Benefit. The night was a huge success. We met our most optimistic goals, a real accomplishment in this economic environment. Each of us has our own particular challenges, but you were able to see a need that others have, and help to meet it. Your contribution will feed some of Georgia’s neediest citizens.”

Mark Mason Karelson
Mason Murer Gallery Owner
Events Client

“I want to personally thank you Marcus for all you did to assist me in making the Food Bank event a huge success. I am so pleased with the result and I know you were very instrumental in making it so! It’s a pleasure working with you and we think you are one terrific human being!”

Shawn Thompson
Mason Murer Gallery Director
Events Client

“Thank you again for allowing me to be a part of your gathering. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone and seeing you. You are truly an asset to your community and I am blessed to know you. I hope to see you very soon. Keep up the good work you do Marcus.”

Tom Doyle
Talent Client

“Marcus, working with you has been awesome, on many levels and I am thankful for our working as well as friendship relationships.”

Gretchen Stewart of 1000 Words
Photographer Owner of 1000 Words
Production & Talent Client

“Marcus, many thanks for the program you did last night. I have heard nothing but rave reviews and appreciation for your class.”

Matthew Peterson
Concierge Innovations Owner
Business Coaching Client

“Marcus & Team CALIBER, Thank you sooooo! much. The event looks Fabulous! :)Thanks for keeping us in check. You definitely have a flare for making things happen last minute.”

Aron with Universal Gear General Manager September 2008

“We had so much fun Saturday night! Thank you for being sure we were invited. You guys did an amazing job pulling it together. The fashion show was wonderful and so much fun.”

Patti Ellis of Team Ellis-Harry Norman, REALTORS
Team Ellis Realtor Owners
Events Client

“Marcus and his team were wonderful to work with and we look forward to a long lasting relationship.”

Marina Miller of Event Drapery
Event Drapery Owner 

“On behalf of Jose and myself, thank you for a lovely and exciting evening at the Beauties and Beasts event. You made the evening a stellar experience in every way, and everyone had a great time. Marcus, your high design sense was evident throughout the event; in decor that completely lent itself to the metamorphosis of Globe; to the floral accents which were provocative while elegant; the excellent music which is always so important to set the mood and carry the groove; the sexy styles you showed us to whet our appetite for exploring the fashionista in all of us; and of course, the par excellence good company. Congratulations on another wonderfully successful event.

Anne Kirn Rollings

“I have had the pleasure of working with CALIBER enterprises, and can truly say that their level of professionalism, patience and overall courtesy- has been such a breath of fresh air in this fast pace world. I look forward to a continuous working relationship with CALIBER enterprises.”

Creative Loafing

Rya Holloway
Branding, PR Client

“Very successful event!”

Events Client