Our team is here to empower, instruct, and support with the ongoing maturation of your business, in addition when working with media.


Coaching & Consulting

Restaurant-Lounge | Hotel | Retail |
Health, Wellness & Practice | Entertainment, Film & Studio |
Company |Career |Brand |Etc.

CALIBER enterprises Business Coaching & Consulting provides solid advisement for growing your business and livelihood. We are experienced in varied aspects of business consulting and will execute on your dream.

  • Accounting Management
  • Alcoholic Beverages/Menu Planning & Development
  • Assemble Business Network/Resource/Network Database with Synergetic Suppliers, Community Organizations, etc.
  • Budget (development, operating, cash flow)
  • Business Coaching & Consulting
  • Business Plan–Conceptualization
  • Catering/Product Sales Program Development
  • Controlling Food and Labor Cost
  • Create Business Culture & Team Hire, Development, Building Program
  • Create Business Brand Development Program
  • Create Company or Personal Brand Budget & Coach Budget Management
  • Create Company or Personal Brand Core Values, Policies & Procedures for Successful Operation
  • Create Internal Business Structure & Operating Systems
  • Effective Operating & Management Consulting
  • Entrepreneur Management
  • Executive Coaching & Consulting
  • Faith Based & Transforming Business, Leadership Coaching/Consulting Services
  • HR Set-UP
  • Kitchen Equipment and Layout
  • Leadership Coaching & Consulting
  • Licensing & Permits (Business, Liquor, State and City, Building, Fire, NPU, Filming, etc.)
  • Menu Planning
  • PR, Promotion, Website and Merchandising
  • Purchasing Receiving, and Storage
  • Safety, Security, Sanitation
  • Site Location & Survey
  • Create Community Ambassador, Business to Business Referral / Partner Support Program
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Business Clients

We are proud to work and have worked with some of the biggest and brightest names in business. For more information on how we can assist with your business/project in coaching and consulting, please click on the link above.

Past & Present Clients